The Sloganator

Vacuous Slogans. As A Service.

Sloganator is empowering gym fans to lift beyond their limits, and hipsters to stay ahead of the irony curve.

It's what some are probably already calling the Uber of online slogans.

But… why?

Us gym freaks have always had to rely on tired clichés or even… print media for our workout one-liners. It's 2017 and disrupting this space is long overdue.

Also, this
 Bart Wow, you know Rainier Wolfcastle?
Homer Yeah, he helped me blast through the burn and ride the zone
Simpsons 5F16

Enter the slogan

Seemingly endless
That's right. Sloganator uses 100% awesome technology to bring you exactly 41,776 unique slogans.

…leaving you more time to ride through every limit.

The human touch (beta)
If you'd rather be sloganatored aurally, click the play button and prepare for the vocal onslaught.

Firefox users should enable that media.webspeech.synth.enabled config.

Achingly cool?

With the Hipster Sloganator®, you can stay ahead of the irony curve, impress your frenemies, and enjoy retro products that confuse the locals.

Hipster me up

OBVS we thought of these genius ideas first. Don't even try it, hipsterpreneurs.
…but if you do see these in a pop-up near you, well, clearly you've been Sloganatored.

Bleeding edge

Slogans as a service is disrupting the status quo, using functional paradigms and microservice architecture in The Cloud.

Brought to you on a responsive single-page site, built to Material Design standards in HTML5.

Powered by Haskell and the Snap Framework. Plus a little AngularJS and JQuery, of course.

Sloganator is cloud-native. Containerised using Docker, it's deployed to AWS via EB.

API, you say…

Well natürlich. How else would you power your smart-watch app if not with a lightweight API for the Internet of Things?

Plain text HTTP
$ curl
You gotta annihilate your barrier!
…or JSON, of course
$ curl -H "Accept:application/json"
["Artisan beet ramen!"]